Stop mulling over millennials

Millennials want the same things from their employers that Generation X and Baby Boomers do:

  • Challenging, meaningful work;
  • Opportunities for learning, development and advancement;
  • Support to successfully integrate work and personal life;
  • Fair treatment and
  • Competitive compensation.

And all three generations agree on the characteristics of an ideal leader:  a person who

  • Leads by example, is accessible,
  • Acts as a coach and mentor,
  • Helps employees see how their roles contribute to the organization, and
  • Challenges others and holds them accountable.

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Landing in a business or college near you: helicopter parents

[A] survey last year of 400 respondents by the career Web site Experience Inc. found that 25 percent said that their parents were involved in their jobs “to the point that it was either annoying or embarrassing.” (…)“Employers are having a nightmare with this,” says Stephen Seaward, director of career development at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, Conn. “I’ve heard of instances where parents were calling employers on their child’s behalf and asking why they didn’t get the job or where they’ve called to negotiate salaries. Meanwhile, the employer is thinking, ‘Can this student handle himself if they have to have someone do this for them?’ ” (New York Times)