my newsletter archive

Each issue of my newsletter offers links to my blog posts, as well as to articles and research about management, leadership, and strategy. Here is an archive of all previous issues.


June 2023 – on the mindsets of a leader, DEI, being a C student, and why we do what we do

May 2023 – on feedback, alignment, overwork, and the power of performance review

April 2023 – on graphs, character, metaphors, enough, and taxes

March 2023 – on core principles, defining success, jerks, and growing as a manager

February 2023 – on what prevents you from quitting, feeling first and thinking second, resting your brain, and ChadGPT: the 50th issue

January 2023 – being contrarian, mindlessness, uni-tasking, and the secret to engagement



December 2022 – Year 4 in review

November 2022 – managing generations, weak ties, measuring management, and escape rooms

October 2022 – Respect at work, emails after work hours, pre-quitting behaviors, and questions managers should ask themselves

September 2022 – we’re a team, not a family, what’s better than hiring superstars, and making work meaningful

June 2022 – on the paradox of objectives, bias in performance reviews, and figuring out what you think

May 2022 – on hiring for cultural fit, equal pay, myths about work culture, and admitting when you’re wrong

April 2022 – brilliance is overrated, tours of duty, being connected at work, and meeting doomsday

March 2022 – quality jobs, bullshit jobs, the so-called great resignation, and what managers can do about it

February 2022 – toxic culture, boosting retention, FOMO, and employees thinking like owners


December 2021 – Year three in review

November 2021 – on pay for performance, what makes a good manager, Oops write-ups, and team autonomy

October 2021 – on hiring well, your team’s weakest link, collaboration, and re-onboarding

September 2021 – on sabotaging meetings, the timeless and the timely, managing without managers, and rewilding your attention

August 2021 – on the difference management makes, 70-20-10, picking up the phone, and a challenge

July 2021 – on management domains, Agile (yeah, I know), premortems, and the silent pause

June 2021 – on handling the return to the office just right, making your team more resilient, working the perfect number of hours, and playing outside!

May 2021 – On what it takes for people to perform, invisible transitions, hiring well, and toxic workers

April 2021 – on relaunching your team, more distinctions, languishing, and thinking about thinking

March 2021 – on doing nothing, asking the right questions, being a zoom zombie, and working from anywhere

February 2021 – on the difference between a habit and a routine, drawing distinctions, and the Mars landing

January 2021 – on managing digital transformation, failing at failing fast, a new Marshall Plan, and words with consonants



December 2020 – Year two in review

November 2020 – MIT on the work of the future, management v. leadership, real-time performance review, and work on-demand

October 2020 – on job candidates, stock & flow, confidence, and lessons from jazz

September 2020 – on weak ties (not the ones you wear), creativity and exploration, reacting to mistakes, and robots writing your memos

August 2020 – five months after, people being people, value statements… and crisps

July 2020 – Some specifics on keeping a strategic outlook in these changing times

June 2020 – on chance meetings, innovation, Juneteenth, and things happening all of a sudden

May 2020 – an amiable CEO, innovation takes a village, virtual v. face-to-face teams, and Joe Rogan getting ripped off

April 2020 – zoom fatigue, buffer time, less focus at work, and hiring the best is not what you think

March 2020 – Not pushing any content this month. Tell me how you’re doing

February 2020 – How to prepare for the coronavirus, resumes are useless, and the best companies to work for

January 2020 – On disruption, inflection points, what separates winners from losers, and employee emotions



December 2019 – “The First Year” in Review

November 2019 – On the anatomy of work, managers and self-managing, Amazon, and employee letters to FB

October 2019 – On closing the skills gap, one-on-one meetings, changing your mind as a sign of intelligence, and southpaws

August 2019 – On busyness, company culture, working remotely, and strategic decisions

July 2019 – On job automation, tech workers, burnout, wandering, and diversity training

June 2019 – On salaries, timing is everything, job expectations, and how good enough can lead to world-class

May 2019 – On open-plan offices, mentoring, Agile, the Maslow pyramid, and bullshit jobs

April 2019 – On Like-minded people, your Career, being a Rebel, and not Trusting your gut

March 2019 – on Listening

February 2019 – on Meritocracy, Millennials, Machines, and Rock&Roll … the FIRST issue!