In my work and business life, I have had the good fortune of having managers and business partners who were deliberate about their own professional development as well as the development of the people in their charge. This has had a lasting impact in my own growth and has informed my work with managers in the last 25+ years.

Indeed, having learned from them and espousing their noble goal, I work as an executive coach and a designer and facilitator of leadership development programs. My coaching conversations and leadership development programs help managers and business owners be more effective in their role and more fulfilled in their professional life.

My clients describe themselves as thoughtful, discerning, inquisitive, reflective, and lifelong learners. My passion lies in providing them the means to harness that energy towards their own development and that of the people in their charge.

I’m a fellow explorer. I’ve had excellent experiences in being managed by people who worked hard at developing me, I tried to do the same in my own managerial positions, and it has been a topic of academic study and research for me, before making it my professional focus.

What makes my work unique is its multiple perspectives: practice and academia, experiences in industry and in the not-for-profit worlds, numbers and people, common sense and models, having run (still running!) my own business and helped managers and business owners run their own. I have worked with thousands managers and business owners, in 30+ countries, on three continents, in three languages.