I have coaching conversations with managers and business owners who describe themselves as thoughtful, discerning, inquisitive, or reflective and who wish to be more effective in their role and more fulfilled in their professional life.

Some conversations take place in Miami, where I live, and in the cities where I travel for facilitation and speaking engagements. Most are virtual, as clients are spread out all over.

The challenges we discuss range from the personal (the transition from domain expert to manager, pondering the next career move, finding meaning in their work, etc.), the interpersonal (working relationships up, down, and across), to the collective (fostering team cohesion, nurturing a specific culture, etc.).

Coaching is a process in which, by means of asking questions, I help you arrive at your own conclusions. It is a personal conversation in which all relevant dimensions of the topic you choose to discuss are addressed. This requires from you to be open to both self-inquiry and candor. And it requires from me to be both challenging and respectful.

We aim to have a fifty-minute conversation every other week. Engagements are usually no shorter than six months. And renewal of the engagement is up to you. Fees are paid up front.


I work one-on-one with managers and business owners as a thinking sparring partner. I help improve your thinking by challenging your stated assumptions, unearthing the unstated ones, and identifying biases.

We bend, stretch, and stress test your models from a “fresh set of eyes” perspective. We identify inconsistencies and draw things to their ultimate consequences. We always ask questions. We discuss the rationale behind specific choices and how they align with who you are and what you are trying to achieve.

When my own industry or academic experience is relevant, I share how I made choices and under what circumstances. This is not offered as an alternative solution but as different frame of reference.

I help you think and I provide a review of what is discussed at each meeting. We assess, over the course of the assignment, the evolution of the quality and robustness of outcomes.

We aim for work sessions every other week that  last up to two hours. Engagements are usually no shorter than six months. And renewal of the engagement is up to you. Fees are paid up front.

Leadership development program design, development, and facilitation

At some time in the life of a team, a business unit, or a company managers feel the need for some change to happen in the way the work, the business, and the people are managed. The nature of the change is not always a matter of skills. Often what is needed is new ways of thinking or interacting, a different mindset or approach. This can regard providing and receiving feedback, having difficult conversations, thinking strategically or creatively, taking new view on performance evaluation, coaching, etc.

To change a whole unit, division, or company, a critical mass of managers need to be exposed to, reflect on, and implement these new ways of thinking and acting. That is the type of leadership development program that I design, develop, and facilitate, based on an assessment of the current state of affairs, the identified needs, and the desired end state.