Top 10 when NOT to email

We discuss this in class every term.

Here is one author’s list:

1. To communicate bad news, complaints or criticism
2. When you are seeking information that is not simple and straight-forward
3. When you are seeking approval on something that is involved or controversial
4. When you’re sending a few people complicated instructions
5. When you are asking for comments on a long document (probably attached to your proposed e-mail)
6. To request information from a group on a recurring basis
7. To convey instructions to a large number of people
8. To achieve consensus
9. To explore a subject or idea
10. To send news, interesting documents, links, policies, directory updates and other ‘FYI’ stuff

UPDATE 7-20-07: And here’s another’s:

  1. When you are right
  2. When you are wrong
  3. When you are mad
  4. When you don’t know what you want
  5. When you are stalling
  6. When you are drunk
  7. When you are gossiping
  8. When you see the “Re’s” pile up
  9. When you have nothing to add
  10. When the exchange is over
  11. At 3 am
  12. When you are bored
  13. When you should be concentrating on someone or something else