What many bosses will not admit in public

They want machines to replace you as soon as possible.

“Few American executives will admit wanting to get rid of human workers, a taboo in today’s age of inequality.  So they’ve come up with a long list of buzzwords and euphemisms to disguise their intent:

Workers aren’t being replaced by machines, they’re being “released” from onerous, repetitive tasks.

Companies aren’t laying off workers, they’re “undergoing digital transformation.”

A 2017 survey by Deloitte found that 53 percent of companies had already started to use machines to perform tasks previously done by humans. The figure is expected to climb to 72 percent by next year”.




On buzzwords

Most things end up as rubbish. Words follow this cruel trend. Yet some of then can be saved from such ignominy. All it takes is to remember that language is not only a means of communication but also an artifact, a thing of beauty. Those who pay attention to the content and the form of what they say try to preserve their individuality in speech and steer clear of buzzwords.

Speech codes are rampant all over the country, courses in sensitivity are required in many places, and personal freedom is defended more fiercely than honor (the buzz synonym for honor is integrity). Against this background it is curious to observe how insensitive many people are when it comes to politically neutral speech (the buzz synonym for reasoned conversation is discourse) and how often, once they open their mouths, they become indistinguishable from their neighbors.  (OUPblog)

Fight the bull

.. or why “business people speak like idiots.”

They are selling a book, plugging their bullfighter freeware, and their blog does not have spam blocker… but they definitely have the right spirit.

You can copy and paste text in a service that will determine its”bull level”. The analysis can then be sent anonymously to the culprit.