February 2020 – How to prepare for the coronavirus, resumes are useless, and the best companies to work for

Underutilized and uninformed workers

In a recent survey, over 60% of workers said they think they could contribute more in their jobs but don’t know how, and 90% wish they had more opportunities to share their knowledge with colleagues. (HR dive)

At long last some companies take upon themselves the training of their employees

Companies including Amazon, Chevron, and Home Depot are addressing skills gaps themselves by investing in training programs and educational partnerships for their employees. This represents a major change from the previous school of thought that education providers and the government should be responsible for preparing workers for jobs. (US news & world report)

Ditch the resume as a predictive tool of job performance

A century of data shows that top resume “boosts” like years of relevant education and experience, interests, and GPA had little to no correlation to later job performance. (research paper)

Best companies to work for

The Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For” list is out. Hilton took the top spot, followed by Ultimate Software, Wegmans Food Markets, Cisco, and Workday. Overall, 85 companies on the list offer telecommuting, 15 offer student loan repayment benefits, and 12 offer 100% health insurance coverage. (Fortune)


An invitation to reflect on the value of the time we spend on social media – Life lost on the curated projections of other people’s lives?

A Harvard Business School professor asks his students to turn management theoretical lenses on themselves to find cogent answers to personal questions – How can management theories guide life decisions?

I am always exploring the art of asking questions… – What is a BIG question?



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  • Facilitated a three-day workshop for experienced managers.

Music: Re-discovering just how good the musicians of Spyro Gyra are.

Films: The Guilty, Citizenfour, Jacob, Litus.

Still reading: So far from home by Margaret J. Wheatley.

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