June 2021 – on handling the return to the office just right, making your team more resilient, working the perfect number of hours, and playing outside!

  1. If you’re experiencing anxiety or dreading the return to “normal”, you’re not alone.
  2. Mental health professionals recommend that the return be slow.
  3. In line with an earlier book update, research finds that companies who pay scant attention to their employees’ psychological health might leave them at higher risk of depression.
  4. Paying more than scant attention might start with, and be as simple as, checking up on their kids.
  5. If the last eighteen months had you wonder about quitting your job, it turns out you are not alone. As per three different reports, so did 40% of your colleagues.
  6. Want to make your team more resilient? This paper suggests embracing on-job learning and (shock!) letting your employees express their views.
  7. You’re struggling to develop one of your team members? Consider this: you might first have to help them become more coachable.
  8. There is a perfect number of hours to work every day.
  9. There’s a minimum amount of time you should spend outside in nature.
  10. To come full circle with the return-to-work topic, here’s a simple way to obtain a mental-health benefit: commuting.

And, as a bonus, because you deserve it, you can always use the Joy Generator. Go ahead and try it. Come on, no one is watching… and I won’t tell.

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