Nine-point checklist on presentations

Here’s my favorite:

Pay by the word. Here’s the deal: You should have to put $5 into the coffee fund for every single word on the wordiest slide in your deck. 400 words costs $2000. If that were true, would you use fewer words? A lot fewer? (…)

Words belong in memos. Powerpoint is for ideas. If you have bullets, please, please, please only use one word in each bullet. Two if you have to. Three never. (Nine steps to Powerpoint magic)


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[…] Bad PowerPoint Presentations Posted on November 7, 2008 by myofficebuzz Students in my classes are frequently making presentations during this time in the semester.  Unfortunately, many of these incredibly smart students do presentations poorly.  At some point in their lives, these students had a teacher who was guilty of what I call “PowerPoint” abuse.  You may have experienced this as well.  I had a professor when I was in college and PowerPoint was new who read the book to us on PowerPoint.  Scarred me for life.  What happens far too often is that students feel that they have to use PowerPoint to make a successful presentation, but these students don’t know how to make a good presentation.  They spend more time finding the perfect background and accessories than they do developing good content.  They use bullet points with complete sentences, and they make the entire presentation facing the screens.  That’s not how to make effective business presentations.  All Things Workplace has great tips for presentations.  What about a penalty for poor slides? […]