Business Communication

Shake on it?

Studies show that the mere act of shaking hands makes people twice as likely to remember you, and with just a few quick pumps, you can say a lot about yourself: Too much oomph, and you appear domineering. Come on too soft, and exude incompetence. Fret too much, and you’re headed for a clammy clasp that’ll send your fellow shaker into instant recoil.

But the right shake, on the other hand, can convey openness, respect, confidence, and vitality. “It says ‘I’m a person of substance, I’m to be taken seriously’

More on going palm to palm here.

Bartering is alive and well – swapping a paper clip for a house

A fellow Canuck started with one red paperclip one year ago. Fourteen trades later, he will trade for a house.

See Kyle’s blog for the sequence of trades. See also a report from the CBC and an article in the Times (UK).