Interviewing with IBM

Passion and preparation please.

 What are you looking for in a candidate?
We want smart people who exude passion, who are willing to take risks and challenge conventional thinking, and who aspire to make a real difference in the company. When somebody walks in the door to interview at IBM, he has to be up to speed on our company and industry. If someone comes in and he is not well informed, he signals that he is not really that interested in the position.

What can a candidate do to impress you?
Clearly, we would expect people to have strong academic achievement. But it’s your delivery and the way that you talk about your aspirations that really make a difference and leave an impression with the interviewer. A candidate who impresses me is someone well spoken, who has a clear idea of what he wants to do. If someone comes in and says, “I want to do interesting, challenging work in this specific area,” it gives me an indication that he or she really is goal-oriented. I also like to hear folks who talk about the fact that they like to collaborate and continuously learn.

What is the biggest mistake MBA applicants make during the job search and how can they avoid that?
A little bit of arrogance or a lack of preparation would be a pretty significant faux pas on the part of an applicant. A person who comes to an interview with a bit of an attitude such as, “I know it all, and I expect to be the CEO in five years,” is making a mistake. The best way for people to leave a good impression is to be well prepared. (BW)

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