Teaching and Learning

May you fail often

Real learning comes with ups and downs, because it’s about experimenting. There’s no successful experimentation without failure. And please don’t confuse failing a standardized test with that all-important “experimental” failure. A failed experiment may lead to an insight that breaks the path to success. A failed exam only means you aren’t bright enough in the eyes of the system.

(…) Winston Churchill, former UK prime minister and a school dropout, was right: “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” (Ode Magazine)

By Richard Brisebois

I help companies develop their leaders. I help managers develop themselves and their teams.
Richard Brisebois is a leadership development professional who has worked with 7,000+ managers, leaders, and business owners in 40+ countries, from Fortune50 executives to SME business owners and tribal leaders. He specializes in designing and facilitating leadership development programs as well in team coaching.