Less blogs. More books.

The web today is driven by novelty and recency. In order for content companies to survive, they must produce fresh content at an incredible pace. The result, is articles that are more designed to get you clicking than to get you thinking. When you are forced to write a lot, the quality will inevitably go down.

So, over the past two years or so, my blog reading has declined. As the average intellectual quality of blog content decreased, and the average person began reading blogs, I decided to find a new source of inspiration, so I turned back to books.

When you read what everyone else reads, you will think like everyone else thinks. The best way to be original and creative is to have a different set of inputs. Cut your feed reader. Pick the 10 blogs that you like the most, and don’t waste your time with the rest. All you have to lose is those “me too” thinking patterns that social media promotes. (coconut headsets)

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