Create your own (imaginary) Board of Directors

In his book, Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques, Michael Michalko provides a few suggestions for this technique…

  1. Select three to five business movers and shakers, living or dead, whom you admire most (real or fictional, living or dead).
  2. Get photographs of your Board and pin them up to constantly remind you of the talent at your disposal.
  3. Research your heroes. Read everything about your heroes that you can get your hands on.
  4. Take notes on your favorite passages. Pay particular attention to the creative techniques they employed to solve problems.
  5. When you have a challenge, consult the members of your board and imagine how they would solve it. (thanks Paul)

One thought on “Create your own (imaginary) Board of Directors

  1. Get-It-Done-Guy (quick and dirty tips) also has a podcast on this. Nice to know the source. I was just thinking about this yesterday. A further thought is WHO do we have unconsciously on our Board of Directors? The critical colleague who ridiculed your dreams? Maybe it’s time to fire them.

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