A new version of Porter’s five-forces model

Professor Michael Porter published “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy” in the Harvard Business Review in 1979. It has since been used (and abused) extensively by both practitioners and academics.

Porter recently re-visited the article and the model. The new article is available online.

Porter’s five forces
Here is a 13-minute interview about the new version of the article:
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3 thoughts on “A new version of Porter’s five-forces model

  1. You say you are a business professor at a liberal arts college in North Georgia…. do you teach Strategy, and, if so, do you teach the Porter methodologies?

    I’m a huge Porter fan for 22 years. If it’s not Porter’s methodologies, what is taught at your school, if you don’t mind sharing.

  2. Thanks for the video.It gives me a good idea about the strategy.. Keep posting

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