How Americans pay

[N]early three-in-ten adults (28%) say the most common way they take care of their regular monthly bills is by an online or electronic payment. A bare majority (54%) mostly uses checks, and a small minority (15%) mostly uses cash.

[N]ear the top of the public’s list of regular expenses are cable or satellite television service (78% of adults say they pay such bills every month); cell phone service (74%) and internet connections (65%). These information age staples either didn’t exist or were in their infancy a generation ago.

When survey respondents were given a list of common household expenses, the only one they cited as often as these three was housing (76%). Another regular expense for most Americans is credit card bills. Among the 58% of adults who say they have a credit card as a regular household expense, about four-in-ten (41%) report that they generally pay their credit card bills in full each month while a 53% majority says that they usually make a payment. (Pew Research Center)