Shut down your computer for a day

I have my Business communication students give up one means of electronic communication for five days. The assignment consists in writing down what they think will happen, keeping a journal for the duration, and writing an account of lessons learned. In the last few classes, most students chose to do without Facebook.


An online experiment is taking place titled Shut Down Day. The intent behind the web site is to have you shutdown and not use your computer for an entire day. I was skeptical, because like many web workers, I depend on my computer daily to make a living. However the organizers wisely chose a Saturday.I plan on participating by shutting not only turning my computer off, but my cell phone as well. My work/life balance will most likely be vastly improved as a result.

Could you do without your computer for a day? What other devices would be hard for you to go without? (Web Worker Daily)

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