Guantanamera (1995)

The movie (I also like the song.)

When Aunt Yoyita dies during a visit to Gina in Guantánamo, Gina, along with Yoyita’s childhood sweetheart, the aging Cándido, must take the body to Havana. To their annoyance, Gina’s overbearing husband Adolfo, a punctilious undertaker with political ambitions, takes charge of the journey. On the road, they keep crossing paths with Mariano, a trucker who’s a playboy with a woman at every way station. He and Gina recognize each other: he was her student and wrote her of how much he loved her, then dropped out of school in embarrassment. Before they reach Havana, Gina realizes she can choose between Adolfo and Mariano. (thanks)

A satire about life in Cuba? A personification of young ideals being replaced by bureaucracy? Perhaps and probably.

For sure, another tale of the heart having reasons that the heart knows not and how these reasons will re-kindle after years (see also Km. 0).