Your value proposition: Who do you help?

  • If your value proposition starts with “We have” or “We do” or “We make” or “We are in the business of”, then you’re NOT talking about the value your prospects or audience can gain. It’s not a value proposition, even if you declare it to be so. Instead, it’s an obvious (and too typical) declaration about what you want to sell.
  • If your value proposition starts with “We help”, you’re on the right track. If you then get specific (with one to three items) about tangible gains or objectives they can achieve, you’re really dialed into a powerful value proposition. (The YouBlog)

By Richard Brisebois

I help companies develop their leaders. I help managers develop themselves and their teams.
Richard Brisebois is a leadership development professional who has worked with 7,000+ managers, leaders, and business owners in 40+ countries, from Fortune50 executives to SME business owners and tribal leaders. He specializes in designing and facilitating leadership development programs as well in team coaching.

One reply on “Your value proposition: Who do you help?”

This is just what I am looking for…help with value proposition. For example, I am putting together a PowerPoint presentation that will be used at a Tradeshow. It will be a continous loop of photos and statements about our products and services with an inspirational song in th eback ground.

How do I write sentences in a PowerPoint that are less what we want to sell and more how we can help?

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