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the November 2022 issue of my newsletter is out!

  This month: Are all managers psychopaths? ❋ Bringing your “whole self” to work ❋ Escape rooms and team dynamics ❋ Managing and measuring ❋ The importance of weak ties in job search ❋ “Thought leaders” ❋ Time and productivity ❋ Why it’s hard to manage different “generations” in an organization ❋ Workplace mental health […]

Managers: it’s time to remind yourself why anyone should care

From the raw signal group: Authors observe that a consequence of the great resignation is that people are walking into new jobs with a different attitude. They didn’t come asking for meaning, or flavour, or for work to delight them. They came with boundaries and a list of expectations. And, listen: that’s a good thing. […]

October 2022 – Respect at work, emails after work hours, pre-quitting behaviors, and questions managers should ask themselves

We cover a lot of ground again this month: Extroverts listening ❋ Family vacations ❋ Long hours, too long ❋ Opinions you can argue for ❋ Pre-quitting behaviors you can observe ❋ Pitting employees against each other ❋ People don’t work for pay only but we might make them ❋ Questions managers should ask themselves […]

‘Thought leader’ gives talk about ‘thought leadership’ that will inspire your thoughts

Pat Kelly vividly remembers when he first knew he was a “thought leader”: In 2005, I met another ‘thought leader’ and I asked him how he became a ‘thought leader’ and he said ‘I don’t know.’ It was then that I knew I could be one too. Yes, a parody. Because it deserves it.

A definition of the Swing era

I love this definition by Ted Gioia: that extraordinary interlude in American music when the smartest and most sophisticated jazz musicians were also the biggest selling commercial artists in the whole country.

Resilience is also about building capability

Greg Case: Resilience is typically defined as a defensive capability that’s needed to “protect the house.” At Aon, we consider resilience a company-building capability, which is a fundamentally different orientation. We define resilience as the ability to take actions at scale that simultaneously defend the house and build the house, and we’ve seen many opportunities […]

Power doesn’t corrupt. It reveals.

Parul Verma: Power doesn’t corrupt, but it is a phenomenon that is monopolized by the agency of an individual. Power amplifies and exposes cognitive and behavioral predispositions that already exists within you. It merely reveals your innate tendencies, but it does not corrupt.  

Discernment: paying attention to what you pay attention to

Communicating is not talking at people, it’s co-responding

Many responses to my post on communication. I can’t address all of the conversations here, but I’ll share a quote and answer a question. The quote was sent by reader Tom who writes It jumped to mind as I was reading and I wondered if that quote was coming further down in the text. It didn’t, […]

the 45th issue of my monthly newsletter is out!

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