Wingad and big tobacco: a case of whistle-blowing

UPDATE 5-20-08:

Excellent background article on Wingad’s laywer Dick Scruggs in the New Yorker of May 19, 2008. Scruggs reportedly received close to a billion from the tobacco settlement deal in 1997.


The movie The Insider (1999) chronicles Dr. Jeffrey Wingad’s real-life case of whistle-blowing.

Below are three sources that can be used in the classroom for debate and analysis: the movie’s trailer, Wingad’s testimony before congress, and an interview with the movie director and Wingad himself.

The movie’s trailer (2’32”)

Jeffrey Wigand testifies about his experience as a whistleblower at a Workforce Protections (9’59”)

The Charlie Rose interview with Michael Mann (the movie’s director) and Jeffrey Wingad (56’54”)