Writing strategy

clipped from www.elizabethlowell.com

I work as many hours a day, as many days a week, as it takes me to get a book
done on time. As writing is only part of the work of a novel—research,
especially on the suspense books takes several months per book—there are too
many times when my work week is illegal! Once I have done most of the
research on a novel, I begin a synopsis. This is when I choose character
names. (Always the first thing I do. How can you write about people who have
no names?) The synopsis takes as long as it takes. I’ve never done one in
under two weeks. A month is about average. As for the writing itself, if I
average 35 pages a week, I’m ecstatic. I try to do it 7 pages a day and then
catch up on the weekends if/when I fall behind.