Year: 2007

Everyone’s a peer. Live with it.

It’s a new world out there. We can’t go around saying “But Miss, they’re not listening to me”. We have to earn the respect of our peers. But remember, in a networked society, everyone is a peer.  Your professors. Your children. Your subordinates. Your bosses. (confused of calcutta)

Thanks, Laura.

Stuff: the whole story

Story of stuff

A 20-minute video that will surely trigger a much-needed debate in your classroom.

Recent business program rankings

and IESE’s position worldwide:

#12 Executive Education programs – Open enrollment, Business Week

#12 Executive Education programs – Customized curriculum, Business Week

#16 Executive MBA programs, Financial Times

#17 Executive MBA programs, Business Week

Three maps on international business

A mashup of Google Maps with World Bank data that gives the reader a visual entry point to browse our projects, news, statistics and public information center by country.

Business Planet

It maps online databases of the World Bank Group that support private sector-led growth and financial market development in developing countries. It features more than 20 maps that cover over 190 economies across issues like How easy it is to do business, How often firms are expected to bribe tax inspectors, and much more.

Building a Better World

A way to track the UN’s Millenium Development Goals.

Need a scapegoat? Pull a Candlewood

[William Candlewood] used to write rejection letters to authors. He was also the whipping boy. If something fouled up at New Directions it was always blamed on Candlewood. The apology letters said he would be fired immediately.We suspect a lot of companies end up doing something similar, especially those in tight-knit industries where personal relationships count for a lot.

Following the example of Oscar Wilde’s to Bunbury, we suggest that whenever you punish a made-up person [that’s right! William Candlewood does NOT exist] to impress a client or give a false name over the phone to an irate customer you have Candlewooded, or pulled a Candlewood. (The Informed Reader –

Phenomenal pitch by a 9-year old

In the category of “skills”-are-overrated-how-about-preparation-and-passion:

Who cheques the chequer?

Eye halve a spelling chequer,

It came with my Pea Sea.

It plane lee marks four my revue

Miss steaks I can knot sea.

Eye ran this poem threw it,

Your shore real glad two no.

Its vary polished in it’s weigh.

My chequer tolled me sew. (OUPblog)

The Corporation (2003) – a documentary film

the-corporation.jpg The winner of several international prizes, The Corporation is a documentary film that is a good discussion tool for business students/professors and -one would hope- professionals.

It is based on the book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan.

Part 1 (with a promotional introduction):

and Part 2:

The world is NOT flat

Friedman notwithstanding:

“Strategies that presume complete global integration tend to place far too much emphasis on international standardization and scalar expansion,” Ghemawat argues. While identifying similarities from one place to the next is essential, effective cross-border strategies will take careful stock of differences as well. (HBS Working Knowledge)

Alma mater hail!

McGill U logoIn the [2007] annual Times Higher-QS World University Rankings, McGill University placed 12th overall—the first time a Canadian university has cracked the top 15 to join Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and others among the dozen best universities in the world. The school also ranked ahead of such prestigious US universities as Duke, Stanford, John Hopkins and Cornell. As with last year, Harvard topped the list, with Oxford, Cambridge and Yale tied for second.

McGill also had the distinction of being classed as the best public university on the continent. (McGill Reporter)